Digital Collections


This iconographic collection of Vilnius University Library consists of various amateur and professional photographers’ works, photograph sets and individual pieces that capture nature, architectural monuments, portraits, character portrayals of various nations and ethnic groups, and archaeological findings.

The collection contains works by famous Lithuanian photographers Józef Czechowicz, Stanisław Filibert Fleury, brothers Mironas and Leonas Butkovskis, first Lithuanian woman photographer Paulina Mongirdaitė, Jan Bułhak, Boleslova and Edmundas Zdanovskis and others, as well as a rich set of photographs taken during the ethnographic expeditions organized by Vilnius University between 1950 and 1981 and a photographic report by Belarusian ethnographer and archaeologist Isaak Serbov from his expeditions in Polesia (1910–1913), consisting of 442 photos taken in various oblasts of then-Minsk governorate, with annotations by the author himself.