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V. Mincevičius' collection

Vincas Mincevičius (1915–1992) – a priest, journalist, translator and collector, who lived in Italy, donated his collection of maps to the University Library. It consists of 331 storage item. The greater part of his collection contains old cartography. They are items of great value of XVI–XIX c. world, Europe, regional maps and city plans created by world-famous authors and publishers of that time such as C. Ptolemaeus, W. J. Blaeu, G. Mercator, S. Münster, A. Ortelius, J. Hondius and others. The collection of maps is uniform and well formed mostly reflecting the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with neighbouring countries and states. The collection includes several maps of European states and city plans as well as 18 items of perfectly reproduced facsimile editions.




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